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Smart Cabin System

The SenseAuto Cabin System, integrating facial verification, vision tracking, head posture recognition, motion recognition, and object recognition technologies, provides comprehensive and multi-level AI solutions for intelligent cabins, delivering the ultimate experience of high security, smart interaction, and personalization to end users.

With over 40 partners in the automotive industry, SenseAuto is the designated supplier for over 36 million vehicles accumulatively, covering more than 160 vehicle models.

A wealth of experience in mass production

By 2022, SenseAuto ranked first in the cabin AI software market.

According to the statistics of third-party market research institutions* 

One-stop solutions
We provide intelligent cabin solutions consisting various features including DMS, OMS, face verification access, AR camera, virtual assistant and other functions, which provide diverse smart sensing capabilities to optimize the customer experience.
Relentless innovation
We continuously drive innovation in the intelligent cabin and enhance our customers' OTA capability to achieve constant innovation.
Driver Monitoring System
Our driver monitoring system can detect driver fatigue, distraction, and other dangerous behaviors with high accuracy in real time. We provide one-stop solution that demonstrates high robustness in complex driving scenarios to ensure safe driving. Currently, our products meet the stringent standards of E-NCAP/DDAW/ADDW, enabling them to be used in international markets.
Driver Identification
Fatigue Monitoring
Gaze Area Identification
Distraction Monitoring
Dangerous Behavior Identification
Driver Absence Monitoring​
Camera Occlusion Monitoring
DMS Camera
Occupant Monitoring System
Based on smart cabin development trends, Our occupant monitoring system can detect occupants, pets, and leftover objects in the cabin, providing a safe, intelligent, and  interactive experience to cabin occupants.
Child/CRS Status Monitoring​
Emotion Analysis
Left-behind Objects Detection​
Gesture Identification
Pet Presence Monitoring
Seat Occupancy Monitoring
AI E-call
Multi Modal Fusion, Lip Movement Detection, Lip Language
Attribute Analysis (age, gender, masks unglasses)
OMS Camera
Exterior Near-field Monitoring System
By combining high-precision facial verification and other biometric technologies with 3D modules and various HMI, We have developed a complete controller + module + trigger device + software solution to provide contactless facial verficiation service with the security level for financial payments.
Facial Verification Door Unlock
Facial Verification Trunk Unlock
Sentinel Mode
TOF Camera Module​
Innovative Cabin App
In line with the development of intelligent automotive cabins and based on SenseAuto's broad application of its multi-vertical vision platform, we have developed a number of premiere industry applications such as virtual partner, smart photography, AirTouch and AR karaoke, which are capable of meeting a user's entertainment, interaction and social needs during their road trips, family travel and child care. At the same time, a health management app has been launched, which detects health indicators including heartbeat, respiration and blood oxygen by means of camera-based measurements, to ensure safe travel.
Virtual Partner
Smart Photography
Health Management
Smart Screensaver
AR Karaoke
Motion Sensing Game
Cabin Brain
The latest SenseAuto intelligent cabin foundation model product offers comprehensive solutions catering to different user needs such as safety, entertainment, education, and efficiency. Based on in-vehicle perception algorithms and cloud services, SenseAuto Cabin Brain constructed a human-like system, integrating perception, memory, decision making, and functionality. Through the user interface of digital humans, Cabin Brain elevates in-cabin interaction to the next higher level.
Travel Assistant
Child Companion
AI User Manual
Personalized Chat Mate
Air Drawing
Music to Image
Health consultation
Drowsiness Prevention
News Briefing
English Learning
Story Co-creation
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